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The MOST affordable solution to Hotel Management. No more inventory based subscriptions!

What is Hotelier?

Hotelier is an all-in-one Hotel Management Platform that aims to remove the pains in managing hotels and bring insights into all levels of operations. With it's intuitive, modern user interface, Hotelier enables you to manage your business with ease.

Manage Reservations

All you reservations at a glance! Hotelier's reservation management system allows you to easily manage your reservations from different channels.

Command Center

With it's powerful and intuitive user interface, Hotelier's dashboard let's you get a bird's-eye view of everything happening at your hotel.

User Management

Hotelier gives you the power of fine grained access control over WHO can access WHAT in your hotel. You can rest assured sensitive information is not accessed by unauthorized personnel.

You're In Control!

We provide you with a bunch of customization options throughout the application so that you are in absolute control of what happens and when they happen. Use the settings section to fine-tune Hotelier to your heart's content.

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If you love it - and we know you will - we charge a minimal fee to make your life just that much easier

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Guest Book

View, modify or block guests in your hotel. Hotelier's Guest Book is the one-stop-shop for managing all interactions with your guests.

Powerful Reporting

A robust system is only as good as the information it gives you when you want it.
Hotelier's reporting engine quickly and effortlessly generates a multitude of reports that provide insights; empowering you to make data driven decisions!
Our reporting system can also be automated to give you reports as and when you need them!

... and a slew of features including Front Desk Management, Invoicing, Inventory Management and a whole lot more

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Whom is Hotelier for?

Hotelier is aimed at helping small to medium scale hotels. Our objective is to provide effortless communication between YOU (the owner), your customers and your staff - all in real time.

We don't impose any restrictions on the number of rooms nor do we charge based on the size of your inventory. We believe hotel owners shouldn't have to burn a hole in their pocket to get top of the line software.

How does Hotelier work?

Hotelier is a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS). For a small monthly (or yearly) subscription, you can create and manage reservations, inventory, invoicing, services and a whole lot more.

Hotelier will soon be available on all platforms - Web, Mobile and Desktop so you can stay in-the-know where ever you are.

What are the restrictions during the trial period?

NONE! We pride ourselves in delivering value to our customers. You can try Hotelier absolutely free for 30 days - without any restrictions!

At the end of you trial period, you will be asked for you credit card information.

Pricing Plans

We cater to a large range of Hotels. Choose a plan that best fits your needs!





$ 14.99

$ 59.99

$ 109.99

Reservation Engine

Guest Book

Channel Tracker

Upto 3 channels

Inventory Management



Web Only

Web Only

Web (available)

Desktop and Mobile (coming soon)

User Management

1 user

Upto 2 users




Email (available)

SMS (coming soon)


Manual Invoicing

Automated, One-Click Invoicing

Report Scheduling & Automation

Early Access To New Features

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